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By Oludara Ogunbowale

5 top tips young ladies can learn from Mo Abudu can be learned just by utilizing a simple google search. From working at top multinational companies in Nigeria, to owning her own television show (Moments with Mo), to building her own TV station, to growing the station to global standards, to making award winning international standard movies, to winning numerous national and international awards, to gaining global recognition, to inspiring young women globally, and all the while being an exemplary role model. Mo Abudu has relatively done it all.

Mo Abudu

A 14-year-old, Oluwatobiloba Momoh was one of the two winners of the Elite Model Look Nigeria competition and is on her way to walking runways of top designers like Versace, Tom Ford, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana and more. Great and inspiring achievement, we must say, but anyone on the way to such heights must have a mentor, especially at such young age and who better than one of the elites themselves, a woman we are sure has achieved great global heights?

In the spirit of inspiring young women, here are a few life hacks to being a fulfilled young woman:


Mo Abudu did not start her career as a media professional but as a recruitment consultant. But along the line, the big picture became clearer and she knew exactly what she wanted to do next.

Rather than stay depressed about where you are in your career now, it is never too late to work towards your goals… relax. Some of us know exactly where we want to be in the next 25 years and others don’t, and it is okay.  But the truth is life is not a straight line. There are many twitsts and turns along the way, so just believe that everything you go through is meant to help you get to that big picture dream, even if you do not know how now, if you try hard enough, you will get there.


When Mo Abudu wanted to jump into the media business, she had huge and unbelievable plans. She approached well known media stations for partnerships and support and initially, she got many no’s. But today, you bet she may be the one declining partnership requests… Just saying. No’s may be your miracle. Keep on.


‘Nobody has tried it before!’ ‘Oversabi’  ‘what is your own sef’  ‘Na only you?’… These are probably some of the comments you may get from people around you when you share those great ideas. But wait! Someone has to start it, otherwise it may never be done. And maybe the world is just waiting for you to do it. Mo Abudu has taken Africa to the world with Ebony Life such that people have begun referring to her as the ‘AFRICAN OPRAH’. What was your excuse again?


Mo Abudu said of her show Moments with Mo, “We discussed relationships, abuse, divorce and more. In our society, women have no outlet for these things. The only outlet is the church. And the church can’t handle everything. I saw a gap.” She probably had no idea it was going to gain such wide acclaim when she started, but she went ahead to start anyway. No pain, No gain right? Do not just plan and plan and plan in your diaries. Get ready to do the work and take action. You don’t always have to see the end before you begin. Sometimes, you start and the rest unfolds before you. Maya Angelou says ‘I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.’


If you do not, then who will? Only you can, even when you are scared. Mo Abudu says ‘Do it anyway’. Who told you even Mo Abudu was not scared of her dreams? But she worked hard, strived, overcame trials and tribulations to push that glass ceiling and here she is today.

So with these points in mind, take the bull by the horns, think about what you want from life and start making those power moves so you can have your own “Moments” like Mo Abudu did.

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