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1. Safety

Its a crazy world out there and the moment you step out of your house, you are vulnerable to all forms of insanity. A hug from a familiar person is a momentary period of safety and trust. In the arms of a person you are on good term with serves as a brief protection….of even your spirit.


2. Good Good Vibes

Research has claimed that the neurotransmitter in humans known as serotonin is often lifted in its levels during sustained moments of hugging. So guess what a long hug induces……………..HAPPINESS AND CHEER…YAYYYYYYYY.







3. Long Life

Ok this one may sound like a reach, but it has been said that hugs strengthen the immune system. It is believed that the gentle pressure on the  chest area bone (the sternum)  and the emotional charge this creates activates the solar plexus chakra, and that regulates the production of white blood cells which keeps you healthy and free of ailments.


4. Supercharged Esteem

Getting hugged boosts self esteem. The wholesome feeling of a person being affectionate towards you is an energy that is passed through the physical contact from hugs. It is believed that the feeling of self worth embedded in us from childhood due to steady supplies of affection from parents and friends is still a part of us and it is strengthened when we hug.


5. Generosity of love

Hugs teach us how to give and receive. Reaching out to hug someone or opening up to receive a hug indirectly helps us appreciate the concept of giving and taking love, which is applicable in other areas of our lives like work and relationships.

Moral to the story…hug someone…right now.Go on…do it!