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1  He is more polished than you think 

The 27 album opens with a declaration in form of the track ”Polished”, and what Falz wants you to know is that he is more of an ajebo than he lets on. He comes with his comical but well thought out choice of words in rhyme, explaining how he switched his style and employed the razz format just to be relatable,….but he is no Baba Suwe

He raps in a British accent:  ”i might be hilariously goofy, but i need to show that i’m Baba suwe”


2. He is becoming a cunning linguist

There are two French songs on this album. Ok not fully French but the hooks and  a couple of lines in the track have the Bahd Guy spitting rhymes en Francais. Like on ”La Fete”he goes  ”beaucoup d’alcool et du bon music et beaucoup de filles” (lotsa booze, good music and lotsa babes) The other Frenchish piece of course is ”Le Vrai Bahd Guy” which translates to… The Real Bahd Guy. Falz is flexing his lyrical dynamics by switching lingo and rapping from English to French thrown out right next to Yoruba expressions. Its actually freaking genius.


3. The man can tell a story

Its all fun and games when you are rapping about runs girls and wooing a girl who doesnt like soldiers, but when its time to tell a story, how many rappers stand firm and impress? Falz does! On ”Child of the world” he takes us through the tragic tale of a girl who was molested from infancy and grew up to run with the wrong crowd and suffer the damage of insatiability that her uncle had done.  Further down the album you will stumble on ”Get Me”, which is simply a banterlike song about chilling with the homies, but the effortless description of peer pressure and being misled into recreational use of marijuana is a total ”A” score.

Falz’s flow is not forced or overly verbose. He just drops these expressions without wasting words and they nicely align with the subject matter, whether he is bragging about cashing out or condeming Yahoo boys (he really can’t stand those people) See track ”Confirm”

4. His features seem more about synergy than popularity

While some artists want to feature the bigger names in order to tap into their fan base, Falz is more concerned about the chemistry. Here’s a list of what went down in features.

  • Burna boy brought that toxic melody on ”Alright” and owned it
  • Wande came too nice on ”Way” and sounded like he was enjoying himself
  • We already felt the perfect sync with Ycee on ”Something Light”
  • Falz and Sir Dauda make such  vibrant combos on ”Boogie” and ”Confirm”
  • Maleek Berry went Travis Scott and brought a Naija Trap music appeal to ”Next” as a perfect serving to the millennials.

The songs with features were so rhythmic that you wonder if the tracks originally belong to the featured artists. The production of the album was not an anyhow anyhow job. A general ”feel good” music vibe was taken on the project. Sound lyrics, (even though not too deep rooted), catchy hooks and banging beats characterize the composition of the 27 album.

What do you think about the album?

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