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By Damilola Faustino

Food poisoning is an illness caused by consuming foods or drinks that contain harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites. While many foods contain potentially harmful organisms, they are usually destroyed during cooking. However, if you don’t practice good hygiene and proper food storage methods, even cooked foods can become contaminated and make you sick. I is important to know the symptoms of food poisoning so that you can catch them early and begin treatment:

food poisoning


Food poisoning doesn’t immediately send you running to the bathroom clutching your stomach after consuming a bite of contaminated food. Sweat can be an early warning sign and an indication that things are about to get much worse.


Headaches are extremely common. People can experience them for a wide range of reasons, including stress, drinking too much alcohol, dehydration and fatigue. Due to the fact that food poisoning may cause you to become fatigued and dehydrated, it can also lead to a headache.


It’s natural for people who have food poisoning to vomit. This happens when your abdominal muscles and diaphragm contract, forcing you to involuntarily bring up the contents of your stomach and pass them out through your mouth. It’s a protective mechanism that occurs as your body tries to get rid of the dangerous organisms or toxins that it detects as harmful.


You have a fever if your body’s temperature rises higher than its normal range. Fevers are prevalent in many illnesses and occur as part of your body’s natural defence against infection.

Weakness and fatigue

Weakness and fatigue are other symptoms of food poisoning. Additionally, eating less due to loss of appetite may cause you to feel tired. Both weakness and fatigue are symptoms of sickness behaviour, which helps your body rest and prioritise getting better. So if you feel weak or tired, the best thing to do is listen to your body and rest.

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