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AI is already here. It’s in the products we use. Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify use it, not to mention Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Home. Their algorithms learn from your music tastes and viewing habits and recommend similar content to make these experiences more personal.

The top 5 ways AI could benefit Africans:

self driving car

Self-driving cars

Human error is the leading factor for many car-related incidents, especially in Africa. Eliminating the human element will cut down on car accidents, making our streets safer. Some autonomous cars are already on the road in many parts of the world. And if passengers are no longer driving, they can spend time doing other tasks. The car can be redesigned to cater to those changing needs.

Doing dangerous jobs

Many people are worried that AI robots will take their jobs. But humans are still needed in the workforce. AI will only start doing dull or dangerous jobs. At the very least, humans and machines will work together.

Personalized medicine

A new kind of tattoo is emerging – the smart tattoo. It places health sensors in your skin and can tell you when your blood sugar is low or if you are dehydrated, for example. These tattoos are as informative as they are decorative.

Improved elder care

AI could enable the elderly to retain their independence. AI-powered robots could keep people engaged by providing conversation, reminding them to take medications and offering suggestions for mental and physical activity. Overall, AI could provide wellness and environmental monitoring.

Virtual personal assistants

You might say that Siri or Alexa are already doing this. But I believe that they will only get more sophisticated. Just as smartphones spread throughout Africa like wildfire, so too will smart home and virtual assistants in the 2020s. There are many new services out there from companies large and small that will book your meetings, find you places to eat and drink, and most importantly, understand your questions and give you the right answer.

Damilola Faustino

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