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Many people agree with the fact that too much of everything is bad. This is the same for excessive sweating. There is nothing wrong with sweating but the concern is sweating too much.


Imagine your Armpit always soaked and your face sweaty. It can be given all sorts of interpretation and it can be very embarrassing. Interestingly, over-sweating is seen as a scientific disorder called hyperhidrosis. So, if you are suffering from hyperhidrosis, here are ways to curb it:


Stay away from spicy foods and caffeine

Spicy foods (garlic, pepper) and caffeine can easily stimulate sweat glands, thus making you sweat more often than not. So, if you sweat too much it may be time to reduce or entirely abandon your coffee and spicy food intake.


Use antiperspirant in the afternoon

Sweat production is at its peak in the afternoon. Hence, you are likely to sweat more at this period. So, you should not forget to use your antiperspirant so that you can apply. You don’t have to wait until your armpit is sweaty before using it.

tight dress

Avoid tight fitting dress

If you love or prefer tight-fitting attires, your antiperspirant should not be far away from you. This is because tight fitting dresses can encourage sweat. If you cannot do any of this, you should always wear clothes that are a bit free to prevent your armpit from being soaked.

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Reduce stress

Being stressed can lead to excessive sweating. If you neither rest well nor sleep enough, the only avenue for you to relieve stress is via sweating. So, the more you rest, the less your chances of sweating.


Take prescribed drugs

There are sweats that have gone beyond mere hot temperatures or workout. Your sweat may be due to emotions or anxiety. You find some people sweating profusely when they go for job interviews or when they sit for exams. For this kind of sweat, you should see a doctor to prescribe drugs for you. This should be the last resort anyway.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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