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By Damilola Faustino

With unrestricted access to the internet, startups addressing social problems or challenges are now springing up all over the world and with the global weight of the internet, it is wise to own a website through which your business can be accessed across the world. But there are billions of websites on the  so how do yo get yours to be see?

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Social media

Since the inception of the internet, various ideas have been introduced to take advantage of it. One of such ways is to use the internet to create interaction and engagement. The result of these was social media-which has disrupted the way people communicate an interact. With social media, you can use Facebook, blogs WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram to market your startup’s website.

Search Engine Optimisation

With search engines playing an important role in helping you make buying decisions, Search Engine Optimisation is a must to promote a startup website. SEO is about checking your website in order to optimise it so that it can rank higher on search engines-Google and Bing are the popular ones. Some SEO techniques include employing the right keywords for your titles and text and developing relevant content so as to get links.

Press release

A press release is another way to promote or market your startup business website. It is usually published for free especially if you have a cordial relationship with the media. You can share important company news and milestones that you know will interest the media. It is a reliable avenue to receive free publicity for not only your startup but also your website. Interestingly, many of the influential media organisations are now online and there are also blogs that can publish your releases.

Source for links

You can use links to complement your SEO efforts by sourcing for links on other websites. Some of the ways to get these links are guest blogging, sharing posts in forums and exchange links. However, know that the website that links your website can affect your ranking. Always use websites with a higher ranking and avoid low ranking or poor quality websites.
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Register your website with Google local business

When it comes to promoting your startup business website, Google has a prominent role to play. One of the ways Google is helping small businesses or startups is to allow them to register their websites on Google Local Business. You will provide relevant information including the name, business address, and phone number.

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