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Wi-Fi signal is precious. Moving away from the router invariably means your Wi-Fi signal starts to drop. And if you go far enough, you won’t have WiFi access. In that situation, you might wonder how you can boost your Wi-Fi signal. Can you boost it throughout the house? The answer is “Yes,” you can. Here’s how you boost your Wi-Fi signal, so you never lose signal again.

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Place your router at a proper angle

Your Wi-Fi signal suffers when you put it under the stairs. Or in a cupboard, or behind a lump of steel wrapped in aluminium foil. Seriously, router placement is important when considering your Wi-Fi range. Placing your router behind a large solid object is a sure-fire way to cut your Wi-Fi range down. Move your router to a location clear of large objects, and other items that can block your Wi-Fi signal. Consider using longer cables to move your router from its current position, if possible.

Upgrade your Wi-Fi antennas and receivers

Your router has an antenna that it uses to broadcast Wi-Fi throughout your home. Tying into the section above on upgrading to a router using 802.11ac, you should consider upgrading your antennas, too. Check your router compatibility and find out which antennas are suitable for your network device.

Upgrade your router

One of the easiest Wi-Fi signal boosts is a router upgrade. If you are still using an older 802.11g or 802.11n router, your Wi-Fi performance will be poor. The older Wi-Fi standards, running on older routers, do not have the same power or signal throughput as a modern router using the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. Perhaps the most significant difference between the old standards and the newer 802.11ac standard is the data throughput across similar transmission distances.

Use a Wi-Fi extender

If you have a modern 802.11ac router, but the Wi-Fi signal is still an issue, you can use a wireless extender. Wireless extenders let you extend your Wi-Fi range throughout your home without worrying about additional cables or complicated networking. For the most part, Wi-Fi extenders are plug-and-play, though this does vary according to model.

Make a DIY Wi-Fi antenna booster

Another simple but effective solution is the DIY Wi-Fi antenna booster. You can quickly and easily knock-up a DIY Wi-Fi signal booster using hardware found around your home.

By Damilola Faustino

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