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Yay! Valentine is around the corner and everyone is excited. In Nigeria though, the focus of everyone may not be on valentine but on the upcoming elections, which are set to hold just two days after Valentine’s day. Regardless, this should not spoil the fun as your significant other is definitely looking forward to the surprise you have for them. So here are great plans to make:


Don’t accept election as an excuse for not celebrating

A good number of people may want to use the election as an excuse for celebrating love. You should not accept that excuse. At least if your beau is not getting anything special for you-which they should-you should at least take her to somewhere amazing.

Buy tickets to a show or event

Surprising your other half with tickets for the two of you to attend a concert, comedy show, movie, or sports event is a great way to celebrate your love. Spending time together by watching your favorite singer/band perform, laughing together as a hilarious comedian cracks jokes, or cheering with one another as your favorite sports team competes are all fantastic ways to connect during Valentine’s Day. Each of these suggestions will no doubt put a smile on your beau’s face!

Book a table at a fancy restaurant

Every town and city has a fancy restaurant nearby that maybe you’ve thought about trying out but never had an excuse to go. Well, what better reason to dine at a posh eatery than by making a reservation for Valentine’s Day? Book a table at an upscale spot because you and your love deserve to dine by candlelight at a 5-star restaurant in dressy outfits. Use this special day as the setting of your romantic evening.

Opt for homemade gifts

Whether you’re trying to stick to a rigid budget or you don’t find expensive flowers or gifts all that romantic, try making homemade gifts for your valentine. There are so many different ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with homemade gift ideas.

Do dinner and a movie at home

Whether you are budget-conscious or you, you can opt for a simpler celebration, consider cooking dinner and watching a movie at home. Opting to stay in can be just as romantic as going out for a night on the town or planning a getaway. In fact, this point is safer as the ambiance may be tense.

By Damilola Faustino

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