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The most successful individuals make conscious efforts to continuously achieve personal growth and development. Despite already being at the pinnacle of their career, they still make the time in their busy schedule to endlessly push themselves out of the comfort zones and to unlock even more of their inner potential. Discover the simple tips to keep the momentum going for you to continuously achieve personal growth:

personal growth

Grow at your own pace

Along with the rise of smartphones, social media platforms have been a staple in our daily lives. Stories of success, while inspiring at times, when served in a disproportionately higher frequency than stories about the ongoing hardship of climbing to the job, can leave even the better of us feeling rather inadequate. Sooner or later, you tend to compare yourself and start to question your current life’s path. So, it is essential to take it slow and not rush the process. It may seem to you that everyone else except you is moving forward at the speed of light, that’s probably just a mere illusion. Even if it is true, do not feel demotivated and be brave to grow at your own pace.

Start a journal and track daily habits

How to know that you are progressing? Inevitably we find ourselves tackling too many things at the same time, spreading our focus so thin that nothing gets the attention it deserves. This is commonly referred to as ‘being busy’. Being busy, however, is not the same thing as being productive. What is the solution? The answer is simple. Document everything whether in an actual or electronic journal. What gets measured, gets done. Routine measurement and documentation help you identify the gaps that are holding you back from achieving goals.

Get the social support you need

You are actually the average of all the people you surround yourself with.  The people around you play a big role in your journey to achieve continuous personal growth as they directly and subconsciously affect your attitudes and emotions. People who radiate positive vibes can offer you multiple kinds of benefits. Apart from the social support that pushes you to be better, their positivity can also rub off of you. But what to do if the people that are currently in your life do not share the values that you hold and aspire to? You can join online groups or find local communities – both are easily found through a quick Google search.

Find happiness in little things

The attitude of gratitude is just as important as other moral values. But it can be difficult to appreciate the good things that happen in your life when you are having a tough time. As you bury yourself in negative thoughts, it becomes nearly impossible to move forward. Writing one line of gratitude per day trains you to find happiness in the little things even if it seems like nothing good is happening now. Whether it is the good traffic and weather, a compliment from your boss, a delicious lunch, the small happenings that you tend to miss out are worth to be thankful for.

Emphasise on self-care

You may have been misled to believe that self-care is about pampering yourself – for instance, splurging on a new handbag or that expensive spa treatment after a job well done. You may have gotten self-care wrong. Self-care is about being disciplined in nourishing your body and your mind. This includes eating the right to ensure that your macronutrient and micronutrient intakes are as per recommended and getting enough quality sleep at night.

By Damilola Faustino

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