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Many people believe that having a dimple makes you a lot more attractive. They also believe people are born with dimples, but the truth is- there are ways to acquire dimples yourself if you weren’t born with them. There’s always a hack. Here’s 5:


Smile often

This is the easiest way on how to get dimples naturally. You need to smile wide and keep your smile stunned because natural dimples tend to show up most when a person genuinely smiles widely.

Use your fingers to press

Look into the mirror and press your cheeks using your fingers. Continue pressing on the spot where you want your dimples for five minutes but don’t do it in a rough manner that would end up injuring your cheeks. Release and smile and again press on the spot. Repeat this exercise for twenty minutes a day till you get your satisfactory result.

Suck in your cheeks

Pull in the cheeks and keep it for a few seconds before relaxing. You need a mirror to look at to make sure that you are doing it right by creating hollow cheeks. Repeat this for ten minutes each time and several times daily until you get your lovely dimples.

Use a stick-like object to create a hollow

This means something that looks like a stick e.g. a pencil or a pen or blunt rod. Use the back part of a pen or a pencil to press the cheeks at regular intervals. This makes the cheeks hollow and repeating this exercise daily will leave you with nothing but pretty dimples.

Use makeup

Dab a bronzer or brown eye shadow to the spot where you want your dimple to appear. Smudge it with your fingers till it completely blends onto your skin, creating a shadow effect.
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Pick your phone and click a selfie to see whether the illusion has worked.

By Damilola Faustino

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