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By Damilola Faustino

It’s always a good idea to indulge in some mushy romance to keep the spark alive in a relationship. A simple way of doing it is by planning a perfect romantic evening for your sweetheart. Whether you want to cook food for your date or order it from outside, that’s up to you; we just tell you how to set it up.



A tidy home is a must; you don’t want your man to arrive at an unclean home! To make it more warm and cosy, use yellow lights instead of white. You can also use some scented candles so that your room smells nice.


This is optional, but just in case you want music, arrange for a soft ballad CD or an instrumental one. This will also give you an opportunity to invite your man to slow dance. Avoid playing music which is loud and jarring.


Skip the usual fried doughs or spring rolls and serve something that will surprise your partner; something he has never had before. If you want, you can also dish up some yummy salads yourself.


Keep the conversation light-hearted; and please don’t talk about work!

Main course

Cook/ order something that your date likes. That way he will know that you not only know about his likes and dislikes, but you also know how to make him feel special. However, make sure that you and your date don’t overeat. You don’t want to feel so stuffed that you don’t have any room for some ‘real’ dessert.


It has to be something chocolatey. After all, chocolate and romance go hand in hand. And after dinner and dessert.

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