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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Ladies, we all know that vulnerable and panicky feeling we get when we are somewhere and realize that one of our beauty items is nowhere to be found. This happens most times, when you change your bag. You end up leaving behind some great items that you normally would always have in your bag. Here’s how to stop this from happening again:

makeup bag

  1. Pack up the night before:

This goes without saying. If you change your bag the night before, you get to be relaxed and have the time to pick out and select the things you want to follow you around the next day and the ones that you will rather leave behind. Plus it saves you the stress of rushing to pack up the next day.

  1. Think about your routine:

This means that when you are packing up your bag, think about what your beauty routine is like. In the process, you will remember each item you apply at what point and you won’t leave any behind.

  1. Have a spare:

This may sound expensive, but it helps to have a spare of some basic makeup items in each of your bags, or two of your bags so that you don’t have to worry much. Besides, this also helps when one of your items finishes, because it means you will always have a replacement before you have the time to buy another one.

  1. Check again before you step out:

Make a mental note to check the contents of your bag again before you step out. This helps you to remember some last minute things like tissue, a face brush or even your deodorant.

  1. Have that one bag:

Now, besides your makeup bag, it is always advisable to have that one bag that is your go-to for everyday ordinary occasions. This helps you to always know that if you are looking for anything, it must always be in that bag. So whatever you want to take along with you on your outing, just look into that one bag and make your choice. Works all the time.

These steps are tried and tested. Try them out yourself and let’s see how helpful we have been in the comments section below.

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