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We know the working week can be tough, therefore all you may want to do once Saturday rolls around is to take things easy, and do you know what? That is perfectly OK. We have picked out five things to do on a Saturday morning which are nice and relaxing and which also give you time to yourself and to unwind.

waking up morning routine

Watch cartoons
Maybe you haven’t tried this since you were 10, but cartoons are much like naps. There is a time when you think you’ve outgrown them and then you grow up a little more and realize you were totally wrong. Watching cartoons on a bright Saturday morning is one of the best days to start your day

Sleep in
Guess what? Today you can lounge in bed and hit the snooze button five times without waking up in a panic. In fact, you can even forget the alarm all together. Sleep in. It’s your prerogative, so enjoy it.

How often do you take the time to read? To sit, without your iPhone running Instagram  and actually absorbing something, be it the book that’s been sitting at the top of your to-read list collecting a quarter-inch of dust or conquer that growing stack of magazines on your entry way table. This is the best time to pick a book and read

Go to the market
Check out your community’s market and support local produce from your area. Markets offer much more than the unripe tomatoes you find at the grocery store. Some have coffee carts, crepe booths, meat, fish, honey, flowers, fruits, veggies, and spices. You could get everything you need to have your friends over for a fresh, homemade dinner

Go for a walk

There’s this peace and tranquillity that comes with taking a walk. You might not understand until you go for a walk on an early Saturday morning. Why not try it today

By: Dammy Eneli

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