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By Halima Bakenne

Christmas is here again and the excitements are running high as usual. With decorations already going up (have you seen Ajose Adeogun Street in VI, Lagos?!), traveling plans are in and the hustle and bustle are already going on (especially hiked market prices). It is also that time when we join bad gang by falling short of all our diet rules. But then we get to suffer the consequences after the holiday season. So if you want to have all the fun and stay true to your diet plans, here are 5 ways to stay fit on your trip while enjoying this holiday:


These are the equipment that can easily fit into your travel luggage; like a skipping rope and yoga mat. That way your fitness lifestyle does not go AWOL if your hotel does not have a gym. Skipping is very effective for agility and cardio condition, and yoga mat makes it easy for you to stretch and do other floor-related exercises without worrying about getting your fresh body dirty. Who says you can’t stay fit without a gym? Take your gym with you!


The temptation to eat everything without a care (a.k.a. “gluttonize”) is strongest during this holiday period. However, this is when you actually need to pay extra attention to how you eat. So instead of finishing a box of pizza all by yourself, take a slice and wash it down with a lot of water or fresh juice (that takes care of your cheat food and the liquid fills you up).You also need to take a lot of fruits and vegetables as healthy snacks, that way you can satisfy your craving without jeopardizing your diet.   


Always try to take a walk to and from your restaurants and burn some calories in the process. Walking is a really easy and fun way to stay fit without a gym as it helps you burn calories while taking in the sights and scenes of your vacation spot. It also helps to keep your blood sugar levels down especially after a meal.


Sneakers and flat sandals are a must-have while vacationing; ditch those 6” heels for some comfortable substitutes as much as possible. It helps you keep your balance while walking and even encourages you to walk faster and longer. They also make sightseeing easier.


Staying fit without a gym on your trip is easier when you make a habit to take the stairs instead of the elevators. Yes, elevators and escalators make your life easier but they also make you lazy! Rather than take the 1-minute elevator ride, spend 10-15 minutes on the stairs to your hotel room; you can try out some easy workout routines like squatting and scissors while on the stairs. That way, you can get in some sweats.

It might not feel like you are doing much especially with the laid-back atmosphere, easily accessible junk food, and everyone excusing you by saying “Hey, you’re on vacation!”  But whether you are being whisked away to a tropical island or headed to a meeting across the country; these 5 tips will help you to stay fit without a gym on your trip, keeping you healthy and energized.

Welcome to the holiday season!

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