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Lagos State is one of the most commercialised states in Nigeria, leading to its very high population. New people flock into the Centre of Excellence everyday.
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So, it is quite easy for a newbie in the state to get confused about how things run. Don’t get it twisted. Here’s a guide to clear the air and support your stay in Lagos:


1. LOST – Whenever you realize you are lost and, or you can’t seem to find your way, join a bus back to Oshodi, no matter the time, Oshodi is a central area and more safer.

2. CHANGE – Always make sure you have change before boarding a bus to avoid conductor issues. Sometimes the conductors deliberately delay and you might end up forgetting your change.

3. PHONES – Do not press your phone or receive calls beside the window at all. No matter how safe, either wound up your windows or don’t press at all.

4. ONE CHANCE TRICKS – Alight immediately when you hear people talking about dollars in a bus or car, “Na one chance we dey call am.” And what do you do in that situation? You Japaa! (Means you run as fast as you can away from those people.

5. HAWKERS – When buying anything in traffic, take the item and change first before giving out your money.

By Kola Onifoto

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