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Easter is here again and everyone is excited because they will get out of their rut. The rut being work (9 to 5). Obviously, trust Lagos, it offers fantastic and fascinating ways to enjoy the city. So, do not dull yourself. Read on to know the ways to truly have an enjoyable Easter in Lasgidy.

Go watch some movie with your bae


Cinemas are everywhere in Lagos. From Ozone to Silverbird bird, Genesis Deluxe and film house, you can go to anyone of them to watch the latest movie. There is a difference between watching a film at home and at the cinema. The experiences are incomparable.

Laugh away your worries at AY show


Want to laugh away all your worries for the Easter period? Then we recommend this worry antidote called AY show.  Ay Show is one of the popular shows that is most anticipated during Easter. It is a gathering where you will see your favourite comedians and artists perform. It holds on Sunday 17th April. It is never a dull moment.

Picnic at one of Lagos’s beautiful beaches

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Kuramo, Elegushi, Atican, Alpha, Sultan, and Oniru are some of the well-known beaches to check out in Lagos. You can have a romantic picnic or lounge at the beachfront with your bae. It is pleasant as you take in the warmth and pleasantness of the beach.

Visit Ikeja City Mall for sightseeing or shopping


Ikeja City Mall is a one-stop shopping centre in the city of Lagos. You can shop, lounge, watch movies and explore. It is a place you can visit with your bae especially if you don’t have anywhere to go in mind.

Party at your favourite night club

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For the party crawlers, there are several clubs they can club both on the mainland and the Island. Quilox is one of the famous clubs to get down at night.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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