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Many job hunters think their curriculum vitae is only to get them a good job and nothing else. No, your curriculum vitae can do much more. One of which is to earn you a higher pay package. This is not based on your years of experience or many skills, it just depends on the preparation of your CV. The question now is how can your CV fetch you a higher salary? Here are the answers:


It must show your value

Your CV is your marketing and advertisement tool for getting a job or huge salary. It is also a chance for you to highlight your values. What value are you adding to the company if you are employed? If you succinctly answer this question, the company will not hesitate to reward you with a fantastic salary.

Make them need you

In this case, you have to identify your unique selling point and state it as clearly as possible. Your uniqueness must be in sync with what the organisation wants. You can simply ask yourself, what makes you stand out?

Your skills must fill a vacancy

Companies employ new employees to find a solution to organisational problems. If your skills cannot solve that problem or fill that vacancy, you should not expect a good salary. They may exploit this shortcoming and offer you peanut. Therefore, showcase your skills by unambiguously stating your achievements and awards.

Use powerful language

Impress a prospective or current boss with powerful language by using action verbs or very descriptive adjectives. A poor CV written in too simple language will reflect badly on you and this can minimise your chances of getting the job or a good salary.

Don’t discuss salary immediately

A fatal mistake any job seeker can make is to talk about salary in your application, cover letter, or curriculum vitae. You should first decide if you really want to work there. If you are satisfied, you can begin the salary discuss. But if you emphasise salary in your CV, your prospective employers will think you are focused on the money rather than the job.


Written By Damilola Faustino

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