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It is the weekend again and we bring you some delicious meals you cannot leave Off The Menu. You can sleep at 11 pm on Friday and wake up at 10 am on Saturday. Apologies to those that work weekends! So, what will you be doing this weekend? huh? Guess some people are still figuring it out. Why not try your skills on some new meals? Hmmmm….yummie! Your tongue is already watery as you wait for the tasty meals we are about to share!
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Peppered Nkwobi


Nkwobi is a Nigerian delicacy that is usually ordered and enjoyed in restaurants across Nigeria. It is simply cooked cow foot mixed in spicy palm oil paste. It is often mistaken for Isi Ewu but they are not the same. If you have not tasted it before, you are missing. Why not try your hands on some peppered Nkwobi this weekend?

Coconut Rice

coconut rice

If it has been a while you cooked and want to prepare something different, you should prepare Coconut rice. This delicacy is prepared with coconut milk extract and is sure to wake up your taste buds.

Fisherman soup

Fisherman soup

Whether you reside close to the coastal areas or not, you would love this seafood mixed with delicious spices. It will leave you satisfied after you have tried your hands on this sweet soup.

Bole and Fish

bole and fish kitchenbutterfly chow

Desire the best Bole and Fish? You have to visit Port Harcourt or a friend to buy some for you. It is the home of this street food. But for this weekend, there are some spots in Lagos and other cities where you can still find Bole and Fish. Alternatively, you can prepare it at home. Both combos will leave you desiring for more.

Banga Rice

Banga Rice

Banga rice is a combination of all ingredients used in cooking the Banga soup. Spoil your loved ones this weekend with this yummy delicacy. With this, they will have a memorable weekend.

By Damilola Faustino

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