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In honour of Will Smith’s birthday, while he gears up to jump off a helicopter, here are 5 of his videos you need to rewatch just for a nostalgic rush.

1. Will 2k

When the millenium bug was about to hit the world in 1999 and everyone counted down to the year 2000, Big Will hit us with this smash hit banger to celebrate what he called the new Willenium, and it featured Kci from Kci and Jojo.


2. Just the two of us

A super fine version of Bill Withers’ classic Just Two Of Us by Will, about the father son relationship with his child, and he brought some fresh prince bars to it.


3.  Getting Jiggy With It

There’s no list of Will Smith songs you’ll find without this bop on it. And it must be the favorite throwback from Big Will in modern times. Whenever a dj spins this one, people who know their Will, do the jiggy and go side to side.


4. Miami

One of Will’s most fun songs ever with the plush video showing off the la vida loca life of Miami.


5. Switch

The banger off his Lost and Found album which had club djs causing mayhem on the dancefloor.

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