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Forging a career in Tech isn’t easy. Especially in Africa, where the landscape is still being defined. Regardless, those that take charge and demonstrate their expertise and talent, will always emerge as leaders. These women are not only technically sound, but understand the importance of building and developing communities through meaningful solutions powered by technology. 

Here are 5 women in the tech industry you should know.

Seun Runsewe

Seun Runsewe

Co-Founder, Biamo Money

Seun Runsewe is the co-founder of Biamo Money, a digital bank built to prioritize the financial welfare of African women. This platform gives women the knowledge and tools they need to strengthen their financial decisions and aid with planning. Biamo Money has a list of features that include multi-currency savings, stocks and real estate, pre-approved loans and Eurobonds. However, Seun’s experience doesn’t end there. She’s worked with brands such as Paystack, OPay, Softcom and most recently Chipper Cash. Seun is passionate about wealth creation and encourages women to develop and leverage their personal networks to put themselves in the position to be independent and successful. 


Yewande Akomolafe-Kalu


Head, Storytelling & Branding at Flutterwave

There are a number of careers in Tech that go beyond software development and project management. Branding and communications are among them. Yewande plays a crucial role in sharing Flutterwave’s story, which has transformed from unknown and misunderstood to celebrated across Africa. Wendy has led a number of projects that merchant and customer focused, and not product-forward. 

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