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While I can’t help you with all of your problems, I can certainly give you some pointers and  to help lessen the load and not overthink your VFX scenes, especially if you are considering working with us for the Accelerate Filmmaker Project 2020. Here are five insightful YouTube channels that will inspire you and help you get your VFX done on a budget.


I have been following Sam and Niko since before they became the Corridor Crew. These guys are just a bunch of friends enjoying what they do and working really hard to be great at it. Even at their busiest times they still manage to share. How they’re pulling that off, I don’t know. They are fun to watch and their Youtube channel is


These guys are stupidly hilarious, and that makes the simple things they do stick with you.


Everyone knows about Film Riot. And if you don’t, you should. Josh and his brother are geniuses. They’re slowing down nowadays but that’s due to their busy schedules.  They are like the big brothers that play with you until they get a job, and suddenly they can’t play with you anymore. With big studios knocking on their door, who can blame them? Regardless, they have a massive archive on their Youtube channel that you can still benefit from.


When I started out my journey in VFX, Andrew Krammer was one of the first people I started learning from. I watched his tutorials on Youtube day in and day out to the point where I was able to recognize his work anywhere. His website “Video Copilot” has been a progressive force in the visual effects industry with his upbeat training style and innovative plug-ins.


Because they make some of the most popular VFX plugins known to man, it might be wise to check with the actual people that know the plugins in and out. Their Youtube Channel is mostly underrated because people think they might be biased, but they have amazing content guys, and they partner from time to time with your favorite filmmakers to make interesting tutorials
It’s good to fully understand the whole process to get your VFX to look as good as you imagine because you can’t always fix everything in post-production.
Cheers and Best Regards
Samuel O. Olateru
Post Production Supervisor – Accelerate Filmmaker Project

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