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50 Cent was enshrined as the latest celebrity to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To celebrate the occasion, 50’s longtime friend and collaborator Eminem made a rare public appearance to show his support, making a few jokes along the way

“Of all the things I don’t remember about 2002, I have a very clear memory of the first time I met 50,” Eminem said during his speech. “One of the first things I noticed when he walked into the room was his presence. It just kind of felt like he’s going to be a star … He was the whole package.”

50 cent walk of fame

Eminem went on to discuss 50 Cent’s music. “And what’s crazy about it to me is the charisma and the personality, everything matched the intensity of his music.” He called 50 Cent’s first album “so classic,” and mentioned 50’s prolific output of mixtapes and how he and Dr. Dre walked away from the meeting impressed. “If it worked on us, it was going to work on the rest of the world and I’m glad we trusted our instincts.”

“I’m here today because he’s not only a business partner to me, this is one of the best friends I’ve known in the world,” he continued. “I would say it’s much more fun to be his friend than it is to be his enemy, ’cause this guy is fucking relentless. And he won’t stop.”

A bunch of 50’s famous friends were also in attendance, as Dr. Dre, actor Michael Blackson, Top Dawg of TDE, Power co-stars Lala and Joseph Sikora and many more came out to show support.

Watch the entire ceremony below:

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