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50 Cent has been on a debt-collecting rampage this year, calling people out for debts owed to him on a regular basis. Now he’s even putting people on blast for owing other people money.

50 cent

His latest target is rapper, Meek Mill. In a video he posted on Instagram, 50 Cent recorded a conversation with his jeweler where the man admits Meek Mill has an outstanding debt of $4,000.

The clip appears to be shot in the jeweler’s office. “Let me see, who you said owe you money?” 50 asks in the video, before being shown a paper with the name Meek and $4,000 next to it. “That’s what you said, Meek Mill owe you money?”

The jeweler admits Meek has promised to square his balance. “He said, ‘I’ll pay you,’ though.” the jeweler responds.

“Don’t think ’cause you the jeweler, you can start doing what I’m doing, ’cause niggas will run down on you.
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You got some nice pieces on your neck and all of that. You’ll get run down on out this muthafucker talking ’bout you think you gon’ pull a Fifty on ni**as.”

“[Meek] said he gon’ pay, he gon’ pay,” the jeweler adds with a smile.

50 also recently called out Rotimi, a co-star on hit series Power. He accused Rotimi of owing him $300k out of which Rotimi has now paid $100k.

By Damilola Faustino

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