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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Patoranking has revealed how tough it was for him to break into the Nigerian mainstream music industry.

The singer revealed this on the cover of the latest Guardian Life magazine.

According to him, even though he was known within his locality, it took him 10 years before he eventually had his big break in the Nigerian music scene.

He said, “To be honest, breaking into the industry was a very tough one. I conquered the underground scene before the mainstream. I remember having a collabo with artists in different local governments in Lagos State. So I came through the right channel, which was going through the underground. I got my big break in 2013. But before then, I had been recording features. I would say I waited for about 10 years before I made it.”

Talking about how music started for him, he said “music for me started at an early age, I started as a dancer. I was dancing to many sounds, but most especially the Galala sounds… I fell in love with it because I was in the ghetto and Galala music runs the ghetto.”

He continued “I remember dancing at carnivals and winning mainstream dancing competitions. They are beautiful memories. You have the whole ghetto behind you as a dancer.”

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