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Toothpaste has one major use. That is brushing. But no! There is more you can do with toothpaste. Read on to know the amazing and surprising uses of toothpaste:

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Remove gum from your hair

To get chewing gum out off your hair fast and with little effort, spread toothpaste over the affected patches then remove it.

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 Relief from fire burns

The next time that you catch your finger on fire, try applying a little toothpaste to the surface area of the wound.

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Strengthen nails

You can use a cotton bud to apply the paste on your nails. Do this gently to prevent nails from breaking.

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Revive smartphone screen

Over time your smartphone screen weakens and later becomes slow and unresponsive. To revive that screen, carefully rub toothpaste on the screen and use a damp cloth to wipe it. Then allow it to dry.

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Clean iron crises 

If your iron is very dirty as a result of crises, you can remove it by scrubbing the bottom with toothpaste, clean with a rag. Then rinse afterwards.

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Shining your car’s headlights

If you feel that your car’s headlights are not illuminating properly at night, you should clean them with toothpaste. The brightness will return.

Written By Damilola Faustino