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By Damilola Faustino

WhatsApp can no longer be called a personal messaging app. It is almost as good as social media, if not better. Thanks to WhatsApp, you can keep up to date with friends as well as verified and unverified news. So the app is at a stage where you can categorise the kinds of people that are on it and figure out the ones to ignore. Overall, these are the not-very-entertaining types of people you will find in every WhatsApp contact list:


Parents who like to forward messages

Whatsapp is to them what Snapchat is to us. Every new forward they receive, they are ecstatic to forward it to their loved ones. By loved ones, it means every person on their contact list. These messages can be irrelevant to you or just an untrue rumour.

The entrepreneurs

These people love the idea of owning a business. And they keep changing it as much as they keep changing their status. So every new startup means a new logo and branding that they won’t shy of sharing. Every time these people start a new venture, they make sure every person on their contact list knows about it.

Emotional people

These people are overly emotional about life in general and want everyone to know it. They will post a rather passive aggressive status and won’t disclose the reason why they are so emotional. They change their display pictures as they change their clothes.

Text hater

These people receive 100 messages each day, but they do not care enough to reply. And when they do reply, it is always one-word reply. Beht why?

Human autocorrect

These folks hate message mistakes. Even typing a U instead of YOU is a test of their lexical integrity. They hate you. They hate your typos more and they do not hesitate to correct you and they do so authoritatively and disrespectfully.

Overly pious and religious people

Now there is nothing wrong with following any religion. It can even make you a better human being. But these individuals take it upon themselves to make theists and religious people out of their contact list. They forward god fearing messages praising God and kind of overdo it.

Which one do you have on your WhatsApp?
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