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By Chinenye Onukwubiri

You’ve accepted the fact that you are single; you’ve embraced it; you love living the single life and all the bonuses that come with it. However, certain things exist solely to remind you of your relationship status and each one of these instances has left you saying to yourself ‘I am single AF’:

Getting invited to a wedding and being given a plus one: you don’t mind going to weddings alone but having to send the RSVP card back to the bride because you know that you’ll remain single for life is just too much.

WHEN YOUR BOYFRIEND GETS A BOYFRIEND: Friday night wing woman, Saturday afternoon brunch buddy, was good while it lasted. Now they are gone.

When someone you don’t like gets engaged: a Facebook notification shows you how everyone on Facebook is happily married except you.

Holidays: Valentine’s days suck for obvious reasons. Christmas thanksgivings are super fun when you have no one to bring home with you.
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Your mom: she loves to pry and loves reminding you how badly she wants kids and she says things like “I’m not going to live forever you know.”

Bad dates: you finally decided to go out with someone only to realize you would rather be happy cuddled up alone on the couch with your mermaid blanket binge watching Netflix.

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