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Eating a diet with the right number of calories and amount of fat is an important part of taking care of your heart, and some red foods are particularly attractive in this regard because of their nutrient profiles. Here are the top five red foods that will give you high-quality protein, powerful antioxidants, and phytonutrients to protect the heart.

Red grapes

Red grapes contain flavonoids, quercetin, and resveratrol (on the skin of red grapes). According to the study, grapes raise our good cholesterol. It also prevents the formation of whole platelets in the blood so that the veins do not block. Red or black grapes are healthier than white or green grapes. Red grapes have also been found to be resistant to viruses and bacteria. Don’t just eat too much because it’s too fat.

Red apples

Red apples are high in quercetins. People who eat “one apple a day” are more likely to avoid lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Apple skin has pectin, which also lowers bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) by 16% so it’s good for our heart.

Red wine

Red wine is made from grapes and contains resveratrol. Resveratrol has been proven to prolong the life of mice and also to prevent cancer. Resveratrol raises good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. Just drink the wine slowly. Men can drink 2 small glasses and women can drink 1 small glass daily.


Strawberries contain ellagic acid and polyphenols, which protect against cancer. Strawberries are also high in antioxidants, vitamins B and C, and potassium needed for normal heart function.

Tomatoes, tomato sauce and ketchup

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants such as lycopene and beta-carotene. Lycopene is one of the most potent anti-oxidants. Eating tomatoes, tomato sauce or ketchup lower the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, and bowel cancer. To get lycopene out of the tomatoes, cook the tomatoes with a little oil.

Red watermelon

Watermelon has benefits in our hearts and roots. Watermelon has been proven to increase arginine levels in our body. Arginine is co-converted to nitric oxide, a chemical that relaxes and brightens our arteries. As such, it can help prevent stroke and heart attack. Red watermelon also contains lycopene that slows our age.


By: Damilola Faustino

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