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For the night crawlers, it is highly possible that you are hitting the club with your goonsAs you hit the club later in the evening, there are certain rules you should abide by if you do not want to ruin your time there.


—Always leave with who you came with

Do not wander and abandon those you went to the club with. You should stick with them. They should be your companion throughout your stay at the club. Don’t just blindly follow a stranger.

—Dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately, especially for ladies, will ensure that you are not harassed by anyone. Being carefree with dressing simply exposes you to unnecessary attention that you may be unable to handle.

—Make sure you have money

You should not go to the club empty handed, relying on your friends to do the spending. Something may happen and your friend’s wallet may disappear, leaving the onus on you to settle the bills. Will you say you do not have money? If you do so, you and friends will wash plates or do some serious club cleaning.

—Drink responsibly

This cannot be overemphasised. You should not allow your friends to tempt you to drink to stupor. If you cannot drink responsibly, do not drink at all. You will only disgrace and embarrass yourself if you get drunk.

—Never leave your food or drink unattended

Your friends may want to play pranks on you by dropping something in your drink or food. It may even be a stranger who does this without your knowledge. So, do not leave your food or drinks unattended. It is very difficult to trust people at a night club.

—Ensure your phone is charged 100%

If your phone is not fully charged, it will be off throughout the evening. It means you cannot contact anyone and vice versa. You may be handicapped when you really need your phone to make an emergency call.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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