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Hey ladies. We all know how annoying it is when we try to fix something on our outfit and slay and then one item is causing issues, affecting the perfection of our A- game and preventing our ‘pepper dem gang’.

Worry no more, we have a few fashion life hacks that can absolutely save your slay game and boost your confidence:

  1. Preventing make up from staining your caps:


Remember how you feel when you wear a cap and your make up smears all over your cap and also draws a line over your forehead, smearing your powder. Here is now to prevent that: simply get a soft super moleskin padding to line the inside of your cap, specifically that part that touches your forehead. It is very soft and smooth, which help to keep your make up in place and your cap clean.

2. Preventing your bra string from stabbing you in the chest:


I feel betrayed when I wear my favourite bra and the string strolls out of place and starts to puncture my chest like it is going to kill me (ok I exaggerated, but it is heart breaking all the same). This is an item I have allowed to stay so close to my heart, to hold my gorgeous b**bs, which means I have placed some level of trust in it, and what doe sit do? It pushes the string out to stab my heart. That is mean, but as always, I have found a solution:

Simply get a panty liner (because it is thinner than a full sanitary pad), and a cellotape. Cut a small slim portion of the panty liner, then glue it to the end point of your bra where the string comes out. Bam! Justice has been served the unfaithful bra.

3. Preventing your bra strap from showing through your tank top:


Another dilemma many ladies face is preventing their bra straps from showing on both sides of their tank tops. Here is how to conquer this challenge. Get a paper clip, and clip together the two ra straps at the back of the bra; or get another removable bra strap from one of your other bras, then use it to hold the bra straps together at the back and hook the extra strap together. This is really simple, you should try it.

4. How to fit into tight shoes:


As much as we love our court shoes and high heels, there are some of them that we dread wearing, because we know the discomfort we experience while wearing them. They can be really tight and uncomfortable. Here is how to make those shoes feel freer than before: Get coconut oil or vaseline and rub it around your feet, especially the corners that will meet the edges of the shoes, as well as your toes. That’s all actually. It creates moisture and frees some space on your legs, making you more comfortable.

5. The right underwear for transparent clothes:


there is the common mistake ladies make of wearing an underwear that is the colour of their transparent dress, as a mechanism to prevent their underwear showing through their dress. This is a fallacy. The right thing to do is to wear a dark coloured underwear underneath any transparent dress. This blends easily with your skin, preventing your underwear from showing through your dress.

6. How to get the perfect cat eye:

cat eye

This is ridiculous. We try so hard to slay the perfect cat eye and sometimes, we try, sometimes, it is not so off, we have to clean it off and just forget about cat eye for the day.
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Well, here is how to make a perfect cat eye. Get a business card (yup) and place at the corner of your eye, following the direction that your lower eye lid is going in. This helps you draw a perfectly straight line. You can draw the line up to the point or length you want for your cat eye, then fill in the liner through your upper lid. It is simple, fast and helps you slay.

I hope you have learnt something.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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