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Do you eat before sex? if you do, what do you eat? Research by experts has shown that certain things shouldn’t be consumed before sex. The food we eat (and stuff we drink) can affect our sex drive in both a positive and negative way, so it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to getting some action from that sexy lady. While some of these anti-aphrodisiacs, which include surprising foods such as pizza, broccoli, steak, and oats, are good for us in the long run, they are best not consumed when you’re hoping to get in the mood for love. Here are 6 things you should never eat  or drink before sex:

  1. Margarita

Margarita in glass with lime isolated on white background


Whether it’s made with margarita mix or lime juice, it’s bound to be packed with added sugars, which are notoriously difficult to digest. So the same goes for any other mix-based or super-sweet drink comprised of mostly fruit juice. Instead take tequila- this way you are only up against natural occurring sugars.


2) Steak


Have you planned to look classy by taking her to a fancy restaurant and then you plan to wow her by ordering steak? Wrong move bro! According to Dr. Chey, “Gas associated with red meat is more odorous because of chemicals it produces in the colon,”. An 8-ounce piece of meat could trigger gas that’s particularly foul-smelling. Don’t eat steak to avoid embarrassing yourself when you can’t control the gas. Instead take fish because it is less dense and easy to digest.

3) Beer


So this lady is more laid back and likes to hang out in a local beer parlor. Then you decided to get some beer. Maybe 2 bottles or more because she doesn’t care. Do you know that that beer gas stays right in your stomach and there is only one way they can be expelled? Well, you got it right. FART! A far better choice is wine. Why not Netflix and chill with wine.

4) Pizza


Maybe she is that stay home kinda girl and you want to treat her right before…, and you planned to get some pizza. No, don’t do it. The problem is pizza dough is obviously made from wheat, an ingredient that can trigger gas and bloat in some people, according to Dr. Chey. The cheese doesn’t help, particularly if you’re lactose intolerant. Instead, cook pasta with sauce. This digest easier than pizza and it’s a great move for her trust and affection.

5) Ice Cream


Is she the type that love movies and the mall, and you have planned to give her just that! Please in all you do, don’t fall for the ice cream bowl. Don’t fall. Besides the obvious problem of eating lactose, dairy desserts are likely to contain artificial sweeteners that can cause gas or laxative effects. Instead take low fat yogurt. It is healthy and digests in no time.

6) Swallow Foods


Is she the type of girl that invites you over and decides to spoil you with her 5-star culinary skills? Are you that guy who asks for some swallow foods like Eba, Amala, Semo and good soup to go for the energy? You better be joking. Swallow foods make you tired and heavy. Instead of the action, you will find yourself on the couch snoring loudly. Ask for boiled potatoes with sauce.

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