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Oiling your hair regularly is the most effective treatment for hair problems including hair loss, split ends, frizz, dullness, thinning and greying of hair. Although, excessive hair loss should be reported to a dermatologist, oiling the hair with the right products is still the best first hand treatment. Here are the top benefits of oiling hair regularly:


Hair Growth

Hair grows when they are given enough nourishment to sustain. Although hair is just a protein strand, it also requires a regular feed of vitamins and other essentials. Massaging twice a week will regain whatever hair loses in the process of curling, ironing and chemical treatments. The oil acts as a replenishing agent. Massaging helps in opening of pores and better absorption of oil. It also facilitates blood circulation and thus soothes and relaxes you. Oiling strengthens roots and leading to healthy hair growth.

Prevent bacterial and fungal infections

Clogging of pores on the scalp can have minor to major problems when they get contaminated with bacteria or fungi. These bacteria and fungi provide nourishment and give a suitable environment for hair lice growth and dandruff. And can be the major cause of hair loss or hair fall. If the scalp is getting tender and there are some red spots you must visit a dermatologist. Regularly oiling hair with honey gives you anti-bacterial treatment and provides scalp with the necessary elements to stay healthy and well hydrated.

Relaxes mind and body

Massaging scalp and hair with lukewarm oil help rejuvenate the loss due to chemical treatments. It also relaxes nerves in the brain, thus facilitating blood circulation in the head area. Regularly oiling hair before washing, and keeping a hot towel wrapped around the head for 20-30 minutes will help better absorption by strengthening the roots.

Strengthens hair protein

Hair is a protein strand that has its roots beneath the epidermal cells. The hair follicle is nourished by oiling regularly. Hair becomes brittle and leads to baby hair due to weak hair protein. Hair oil such as castor oil, almond oil and olive oil help to regain the old strength of the protein. The hair shaft is prevented from harm and is nourished. The frizz and brittle nature of hair are reduced with the help of vitamin E which is the major component of the oils used to massage the scalp.

Shine and lustre

Who doesn’t want shiny hair? Shine is the most attractive feature of healthy hair. Hair shine when they are healthy. By Healthy, it means hygiene and nourishment. Hair, when destroyed due to heat causes, split ends and becomes brittle. The thickness of the hair is lost and is unevenly distributed. Untreated split ends grow giving rough look to hair. Aloe vera along with cold juices and curd helps in obtaining better shine than before. It can be applied with oil or as a hair mask.

Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is the result of dry scalp. Dry scalp stretches and breaks causing dandruff. Dandruff cause itching on the scalp and at hair roots, thus resulting in hair breakage and hair fall. Dandruff is thus the major cause of hair fall. Environment pollution also plays a role in worsening the situation. Also, lice are likely to grow in such a situation. Dandruff leaves scalp and can be found highlighting on dark clothes. These are dead cells that makes one embarrassed about one’s personality.
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You can get rid of dandruff by oiling your hair.

By Damilola Faustino

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