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How much time do you spend typing on your iPad or iPhone? You can save some of that time using these valid, easy hacks:


Quick currency

When you want to type another currency symbol, just press and hold the dollar key and you’ll see a bunch of alternatives you can select.


Everyone should know that when you double-tap the Shift key you automatically enable Caps Lock.

Full stop

Double-tap the Space bar to add a period. The next character you type will be capitalised, and space will be placed between that and the period you just wrote. In order for that to work, you must have Auto-Capitalisation enabled in Settings>General>Keyboard.


Don’t forget that if you tap and hold the period button a range of domain endings will be made available to you.

Easy switch

The easiest way to switch between numerical and alphabetical character palettes: Tap and hold the 123 button, and you’ll see the keyboard swap across to its opposite set—slide your finger to the character you want to use, and let go—it will be typed, and the keyboard automatically returns to the default layout. This way you don’t need to manually switch between keyboard types.

Write right

When you hard press the keyboard area when you are writing, you’ll see it become a touch-sensitive cursor. Use it as a mouse. There is also another little function—press the cursor hard on a word once to select it, hard on a sentence twice to select that, or hard on a paragraph three times if you want to select that instead. On an iPad, you just need to touch and hold with two fingers.


You see that little microphone button to the left of the Space bar? Tap this and you can dictate your message using Siri.

By Damilola Faustino

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