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By Damilola Faustino

Yes, we are well aware of the beef between Apple and Android, and we are not – really – taking sides. We love us some Android, but let’s be honest, Apple is not anybody’s mate and they keep proving it over and over again. Check out why:

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iPhones get the best apps first

Even though the iPhone has a smaller market share, developers still tend to make the best apps for iOS first. You can find most of the same popular apps on Android, but they don’t always have the better features and designs. If you care about having the best apps on your phone, you’re better off with iPhone.

They’re better looking

With a few exceptions, there aren’t many good-looking Android phones out there. The iPhone consistently has a better design than Android phones.

iPhone is more secure

Apple is one of the most secured phones you can find around. It is far more secure when compared to an Android phone. This is because Apple is increasing the depth of its encryption while Android is behind on this.

Very few Android cameras can match the iPhone camera

Few Android phones have cameras as good as the one on the iPhone. The iPhone camera takes great photos and has the ability to shoot slow-motion and time-lapse videos.

Your software will always be up to date

Google releases a new version of Android about once a year, as Apple does for iOS. But many Android users can’t get the latest software unless they buy a new phone or they root their phone. That’s because Android makers and carriers often don’t support the latest and greatest Android versions until several months after Google releases them. The iPhone is different. All of the current iPhone models can get the latest iOS updates as soon as they’re available.

Sharing with other phones

When your friends have iPhones, sharing everything is a bit easier. For instance, if you want to share anything on iPhone it only takes a tap or two from the message you are sending to share it. But if it is an Android, you will quickly find out that you need to download several apps to be able to share with an Apple phone, if at all you can.

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