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Everyone who lives in Lagos knows that you cannot move around in your vehicle without wearing your seatbelt, except you want invoke the wrath of the LASTMA and FRSC officers. While you may think these officers overzealous while carrying out their duties, truth is, they actually trying to save your life and this of others around you. Here’s what we mean:


It’s protects you

The seat belts protects you—not the police. So if you see a police man before you begin putting on the seat belt, know that you’re risking your own safety. Seat belts prevent you from being thrown off the car as well as hitting the windscreen when there are collisions.

It works along with the airbags

Air bags are wonderful defense system that prevents you from veering off and being injured during collisions. Air bags work alongside seat belts. So if you fail to wear your seat belt, not only will the insurance companies fail to defend you, the air bags will also ignore you!

It prevents road safety hazards

Safety bets keep and ensure that the driver and passenger stay fit in the car. This is very important in the case of the driver as it helps him to avoid road safety hazards such as aggressive, reckless and impaired driving.

Sudden breaking won’t throw you forward

While examining your surroundings, you’ll find yourself slamming on the breaks to ensure that you don’t run an unexpected red light. While your vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, you won’t. Wearing your seat belt can prevent this awkward and rather aggravating occurrence.

It’s the law

No one likes getting busted by traffic police or Lasma, especially when it’s for petty crimes that we feel are a waste of time and our money.

By Damilola Faustino

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