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Everyone feels bored at work sometimes. It’s natural and normal and there’s no need to beat yourself up for feeling less-than focused. Remember that boredom is not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes, the best thing you can do if you’re bored at the office is simply to go through a to-do list of other tasks that are productive and that need to be done. Here are some things you can do if you are feeling bored at work.

Read what pleases you

Carry a novel/book where ever you go. A book is your loyal friend and does wonders in cutting boredom. Whip it out whenever you have time. If a novel isn’t the thing, you might want to read a magazine, a news article or just some papers. You just know what to do now.

Have lunch with team members

Eating lunch alone can often make you disconnect with what is happening in the world outside. Lunch-break reduces fatigue and reactivates your body. Sharing a meal with teammates not just increases connection but also team bonding.

Follow a hobby

Pick up any one of your hobbies that you can follow at work. It can be something as simple as writing a diary, creating a project, coming up with new designs, drawing, do what you please. Just don’t get fired, because a hobby is just to kill your boredom nor your job!

Take a walk

Lunches are great. Now it’s time for a good walk. An employee who goes for a walk three times a week often performs better at work. Your walk time can be anything between 15-30 minutes, depending on what your schedule allows. Walk not just makes you enthusiastic but also lessens your anxiety level.

Create something challenging

Most of the time you are bored because you have been following the same mundane life. Nothing is interesting, work is the same and nothing excites you anymore. Don’t wait for your superior to give you a challenge. Create it yourself. How can you do so? Challenge yourself, give yourself a new goal with a timeline to achieve it. Dare yourself to do better than ever. Once you know this, work wouldn’t be boring anymore.

Write a self-evaluation.

It’s something you have to do every year (or maybe even more often than that, depending on where you work), but you don’t need to wait until you’re prompted. This year, get a head start and write a self-assessment when things are slow at work. It’ll be a self-motivating and you’ll do a better job when you’re not rushed.

By: Damilola Faustino

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