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By Damilola Faustino

Relationships at the very beginning are very exciting and it is when you have to work very hard to ensure that it is actually love and not lust.  Both of you will be all over each other and it is very easy to get carried away. It is important to have these early-stage relationship tips at your fingertips.
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couple on a trip

Signs of Affection

Being in a new relationship, it might be easy to neglect the fact that affection is needed to show your boyfriend that you still care. Simple things like hugs, kisses, and even a small text can make his day. The amount of affection you give him should be equal, if not more, that the amount of affection he gives you. It’s the small things that count, do not forget that.

Listen and learn

Remember, you guys have only just started dating and are still getting to know every detail about each other. Have open ear and listen. It shows your boyfriend that you care and genuinely want to know more about him. Tell funny stories about your past, thoughts, and even hopes for the future. This is all part of communicating as well, but being in a relationship means taking the time to listen and learn about each other.

Be yourself

As cliché as it may sound, the best person to be is you. Most of the time when you’re trying to be something you’re not, it can come off as uncomfortable and unnatural; it’s a huge turn off for guys when you can’t even be comfortable around them. Be as genuine as you can be, and if he’s someone worth it, he will fall for your personality. If you’re going to be with someone, whether it be in the long run or short term, make sure you’re advertising something that is true.

Be confident

Every guy wants a girl comfortable in her own skin and body. Showing your insecurities will only turn a guy off or scare them away. This has a lot to do with self-improvement as well. Before you allow someone to love you, be sure to ask yourself if you love yourself. Insecurities are something you have to deal with internally before you bring another person into the picture.


Be sure to know your intentions and his intentions. If you’re looking for a committed long-term relationship, and he’s not, you’re just asking for trouble. Do not allow yourself to fall into the friend zone, and that can easily be avoided by making your intentions known. It may seem scary at first, but stating your intentions is something that can prevent a lot of problems.


No one can read your mind and know instantaneously what it is you want. Make it clear to your significant other what bothers you, what you like, and what he can do to make the relationship better. This is not a one-way street though. You have to put in the effort and listen to what he has to say about the relationship and be ready to adjust how you behave for the greater good of the relationship. This also doesn’t mean change every aspect of your significant other; it takes moderation and knowing what is actually worth changing.

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