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Every year, several types of people are announced as contestants on a reality TV show. This year, we have just met the latest set of Big Brother Naija housemates, who will entertain us for months. But we can already stereotype the show to have a certain group of people. Check out our list of contestants you’ll surely find this year:

BBNaija contestants

The fake ones

There will be at least one housemate, who appears to be a know-it-all, can’t decide how many countries he or she has visited, or what accent to use for the competition. They only have eyes for themselves and want all the attention on them, and to make their case worse, they often talk bad about other housemates. Viewers don’t particularly care about these ones, but for some reason, they sometimes stay longer than you would expect. Perhaps, for the drama, they bring to the show.

The humble ones

Sometimes, they are quiet and avoid embarrassing and dramatic situations. Other times, they have a sob or inspiring story that endear them to the viewers. In some cases, they are considered ‘boring’ by viewers and voted out as soon as possible. Other times, the viewers love and keep them all the way.

The manipulative ones

One of the popular attributes of a reality TV show is scheming. And every year, there’s always at least one housemate who takes the scheming to another level. These ones usually come off as friendly. They like to talk and are gifted with the ability to get people to open up to them. So they are friends with every other housemate. However, they talk about other housemates behind their backs and spread just about them to each other, eventually pitting them against themselves. Viewers never like them and want them out of the house as fast as possible.

The talented ones

Every year, there are always quite a number of talented people who walk in and blow away their fellow housemates and viewers. They could turn out to be manipulative, humble or even fake, but their talent is always the central point of attention.

The vacationers

They are simply in the house to drink, eat, party, smoke, joke around, and always look good. They are basically in the house to have fun. These ones normally don’t last too long on the show.

The dramatic ones

These ones are just in there to create drama on the show. They are authoritative, confrontational and outspoken about their beliefs. They are occasionally involved in physical fights. But for some reason, the viewers never mind.

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