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Smelling good doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always use a can of perfume to douse your clothes. The perfume will evaporate at some point. Hence, smelling good is not all about your perfume, it also has a lot to do with your lifestyle. So, if you want to be counted among people who smell good, we expose some of the secrets of persons who actually smell naturally good:

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They don’t have dry skin

Staying hydrated is important for your general health as well as for keeping your skin moisturised. If your skin is moist, your perfume will last longer.

They spray their bedsheets

For some people, this may be weird but spraying your bedsheets and pillows allows the scent to envelope you while sleeping. When you wake up, you will definitely smell good. However, ensure that you use something mild.

They pay attention to their detergent 

There are some detergents that will make your clothes smell really bad. Quit using such detergents if you want to join the smelling good gang. It is better to use detergents that have awesome and amazing fragrance.

They know when to spray
The best time to spray is about half an hour before you leave your home so that it can settle. You should not spray when you are rushing into a room or office because the fragrance will be overwhelming.  Also, re-applying your perfume through the day is compulsory.

They pick perfumes right

A whiff from the perfume bottle is not the right way to decide if you should buy the perfume. Scents can smell differently from person to person. You may want to wear it for a day or two to decide if it suits you. If it does not, just abandon it for another one.

They apply deodorant or perfume after bath

This helps the moisture absorb the scent. In addition,  applying it when you’re sweaty and odour-free will help it last for the whole day.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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