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Everyone expects that when you are at home, you are released from official obligations, but once you get to work, professionalism is required. But, unfortunately, some workers don’t know how to draw the line between being comfortable at work and outright taking a piss. Here’s a guide to know when you are being unprofessional:

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Browsing your social media accounts

The truth is that almost every employee takes advantage of free office internet to check their social media accounts not minding whether it is during work hours or not. They glide from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram. It may not be frowned at if it is a one-off action but if you do so every sec of the day, you may get into trouble unless you are the social media manager. To stop certain workers from using social media some organisations have gone ahead to block access to them.

Polishing your nails and do your makeup

The office is not your room. Hence, respect others and do not try to polish your nails in the office. If you absolutely need to polish your nails or do your makeup, you should visit the convenience to do it. It is better and most respectful. Regardless, do not make it a daily habit of running to the convenience to polish your nails or do your makeup.


There is nothing absolutely wrong with having an opinion. It is how you express it that matters. Ultimately, you should allow your colleagues to express their opinion without interrupting them. Listen and take turns to speak. Your colleagues will respect you and you won’t be labelled by them.


Gossipping is all about talking and talking and talking about other people. If you are popular for this, it is not good for you. It is advisable you concentrated on work and avoid any kind of rumour or gossip-mongering.

Oversharing about your personal life

Sharing details about your personal life to the office might make others wonder if you’re capable of keeping sensitive or confidential workplace information to yourself. Make sure you treat your colleagues like your coworkers, not your audience and do not share sensitive information whether they are work-related or not. Just be careful with the kind of information you share.

Getting drunk at office parties

Once in a while, companies organise parties, office gigs and get together. At these parties, there are so much to eat and drink. Due to this, some employees are carried away that they drink themselves to stupour. This is not good for reputation. Moderation should be the watch-word. If you have to get drunk, it should be at the office party.

By Damilola Faustino

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