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It can be hard to enjoy your morning coffee when there are so many false myths surrounding what’s in your cup being bandied around. Due to this, some people have abdicated their morning coffee or sparingly drink it. But maybe you should not be so fast. Here are some coffee myths busted:


Keeping coffee in the freezer preserves it

The best way to keep coffee fresh is to store it away from light and moisture. Keeping it in an airtight container will do the trick. You also want to keep it away from heat, so if your house is very warm, you can use the fridge.

Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach

A cup of coffee early in the morning may have laxative effects, as it stimulates your stomach and makes it produce stomach fluids. This usually quickens the digestive process. If you, however, have been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer, it may be worth your consideration to avoid coffee whatsoever. Alternatively, you may merely add some milk to your morning cup of coffee in order to make the effects on your stomach milder.

Coffee helps you lose weight

Not exactly. The stimulating effects of caffeine can slightly increase your metabolism, but not enough to make a dent in your diet, especially in terms of long-term weight loss. Caffeine may reduce your desire to eat for a brief time, but there’s not enough evidence to show that long-term consumption aids weight loss.

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee

Caffeine won’t harm a fetus, however, it is advised that women should limit their caffeine intake to only about one cup of coffee. Caffeine can pass through the placenta and reach the baby, but there are no concrete studies saying it’s harmful. But better safe, right? So, just be careful.

It’s addictive 

This myth has some merits, but overall it is not true. While a regular coffee drinker who stops drinking can experience some pretty bad headaches in the short term, scientists say this doesn’t qualify as an addiction. Also, coffee drinkers who quit do not exhibit the same, dangerous drug-seeking behaviors that other addicts do. Quitting coffee is not going to require you to go through severe withdrawal periods or going to a rehab center.

You must use boiling water to prepare coffee

There is logic in boiling water for coffee, as it purifies the water and cold water will result in flat coffee because it won’t extract it well. But once it boils, you want to let it stay for a minute before you pour it over the coffee.
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Basically, you want water just under boiling. Water that’s too hot will sacrifice taste and quality.

By Damilola Faustino

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