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6 Ways To Celebrate Women & Uphold Womanhood Everyday

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Each year, we celebrate International Women’s Day today- on the 8th of March

This day was chosen globally for men and women alike to commemorate and remember in a special way, all the females in our lives.

Despite a day and a month being set aside, honouring and respecting women shouldn’t happen just once a year. Everyday is an opportunity and occasion to celebrate and empower women. 


 Here are five ways by which you can celebrate womanhood everyday; 



  • Self-love



First and foremost, remember that love and respect starts with you.  


You can’t respect your body if you do not exercise self-love and self-care,


Whether it’s taking time to rest when you need it, treating yourself to a solo date night, enjoying a quarterly massage, appreciating and finding ways to channel your natural talents, or maybe just standing up for yourself in situations that are unfair. 


When you’re able to achieve this, you can build a strong base to support the women around you while still being able to send the message about how you deserve to be treated. 


TASK: Starting this women’s month, each day you awake, you need to ask yourself, 

How are you showing yourself love today?



  • Supporting women-owned business



Believe it or not we still live in a male-dominated business world that’s especially difficult to navigate as a woman. 


*cue in Cheetah Girls GIRL POWER* 


But please be aware that Girl power makes the world go around and I’m quite happy to expand on this. 


Instead of being victims to unfortunate realities we become victors when we stand together to grow the businesses of female entrepreneurs.


We all need a little help from time to time, so one way to support womanhood and be there for your fellow woman is economically through your financial contributions. 


TASK: Buy from your female neighbourhood street vendors, female-owned chain stores and 

even big businesses. 


  • Uplift the women around you – build their self-esteem and confidence



In a world filled with hate, by opting to build strong support networks and thereby promote the spirit of girl power you’re doing the needful to build self-esteem and confidence within your fellow female.


Instead of tearing each other down through gossip and judgmental behaviour, it’s time to build a strong community with the women around you.


It’s as simple as that! 


TASK: As much as you can, tell the women in your life why you love them. 



  • Volunteer at organisations that help women


You can also  turn your attention to fundraising for a female-focused charity. In Nigeria, we have several organisations which support women like THE WOMEN’s HELPING HANDS INITIATIVE, an NGO which fights against violence against women.


TWHHI amongst other female owned NGOs need all the volunteers they can get in order to keep on supporting victims. 


They take in women who have undergone severe abuse, help them get out of dangerous situations, move into a shelter, build their confidence while build their skills and offer Legal aid to ensure their attackers answer to the law. Furthermore, the NGO gives these women a small stipend  to help them get on their feet. 


TASK: Sign up as a volunteer at any female-owned or run NGO, that supports the needs of women. 


  • Speak out against discrimination

In 2020, the sexism that was reported would make you raise your eyebrows in disbelief. 


From sexist jokes (jokes that make fun of or discriminate against women) to looking down on females, there’s different levels to discrimination. 


Underneath the most harmless action of discrimination  lies a level of prejudice that can eat away at self-esteem as well as create a culture where things like that are acceptable. 


Should you find yourself around people with that mindset, stand up against sexist jokes and comments. 


Use your voice and whichever platform on which you find yourself, to take a stand against rape-culture or gender discrimination. 


Despite the tasks listed above, remember that there are many other ways of achieving the main goal.

Therefore, through even the smallest of actions, we can and should celebrate womanhood every day. 

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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