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By Damilola Faustino

Whatever your aims are, if you really want to annoy your boss, there are ways to go about this. But you better be ready to bear the consequences of your actions, because they sure will come. And there are times that it seems like your boss just does not like you and always has a reason to hassle you – it may be because you are doing any or all of these things:


Having to Be Reminded

Yes, we all let things slip through the cracks now and then. However, if you are spoon-fed for anything and everything you do and be reminded, you simply come off as someone who does not know their job.

Make a habit of being late

The habit of being late is always frowned at and if you really want to annoy your boss, you should make it a habit. This will go a long way to both annoying your boss.

Making excuses

When a mistake is made, just own up to it and fix it. No lame excuses, finger-pointing, blaming, drama, etc. Be accountable and take responsibility.

Challenging your manager in front of your manager’s boss

If you disagree with your manager or have a concern, bring it up privately with your manager. Don’t embarrass or undermine your manager in the presence of other employees or your manager’s boss. He or she won’t forgive you for that.

Bad-mouthing your manager

Sometimes, you need to complain about your managers now and then. Just don’t overdo it, and you should always assume that anything you say could get back to your manager. Besides, when you constantly bash your boss, what does it say about you? That you’re stupid enough to put up with working for a jerk?

Not keeping your boss informed

No one likes to be micromanaged and everyone hates status reports, but managers need to have some idea of what you’re working on. They also hate to be surprised.  If there is bad news, make sure your manager hears it from you first.

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