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When some people go on vacation, there is little or difference between when they are at work and when they get away. Why? It is because it seems like they pack their work in their luggage when travelling. What is the essence of the break if you cannot get rid of work from your schedule and have fun? Use these tips to truly unplug when you are on vacation:


Get yourself in the vacation mood

It is not easy to disconnect from work especially if it has been a long time you have taken a holiday. Despite this, you should try to get yourself into the vacation mood by activating your email’s auto-response, stating clearly that you are on break. This getaway mood will no doubt set you up for an unforgettable vacation.


Stay within your budget

It is important that before you go on vacation, you should have a budget to plan your spending. You do not want to worry about your finances during and after your getaway. Importantly, you should stick to your budget and ensure that you don’t buy on impulse.

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Switch off phone

A smartphone connected to the Internet will never allow you to have a nice and wonderful getaway. You should try as much as possible to switch off your phone. And if you cannot switch it off, you should reduce surfing the internet. You can also decide not to renew your data subscription during your break.


Redirect problems

Due to your efficiency and hard work, every problem an employee encounters is directed to you. They are not even bothered if you are on holidays or not. They just want you to solve their problems. On your part, you may feel you are indispensable. But remember you are on vacation. You should recommend someone else that can equally do the job as well as you can. By the way, you should not make it easy for anyone to contact you while vacating.


Choose a destination you can actually relax

There are so many beautiful and amazing destinations where you can relax and getaway in Nigeria. Choose a cool and warm destination where there will be no distractions. You can go to a resort-Inagbe or Epe resort. Your decision should be based on your personality. If you are a loud person, a resort may not be suitable for you.


Be flexible

Things may not go according to plan. This is why you should be flexible in case something changes so that you will be able to adjust quickly. Also, nothing will surprise or shock you when things don’t go according to plan.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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