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By Damilola Faustino

There is no argument that water is the most beneficial beverage you can ever drink and staying hydrated is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But did you know that just adding ingredients to your water can be the key on how to improve your digestion which is great not only for your body but also your mind? Here are things you can add to water to help your digestion:


Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar mixed with your cup of water can help to increase the production of hydrochloric acids in our bodies. The purpose of hydrochloric acid is to break down proteins into amino acids and also promoting digestion. Without enough stomach acids in your body, food is not completely digested and the nutrients are not fully absorbed.

Add lemon to water

Lemon is loaded with Vitamin C and if you’re not getting your daily dose of fruits then this should be a convenient way to do so. Just add 4-5 thin slices of lemon into your water and it should be able to keep your immune system up to keep away unwanted viruses.

Mix in some Cinnamon

If you have stomach issues, try mixing one stick of cinnamon in a cup of warm water. It has an agent that helps us break intestinal gases and soothe digestive systems with excess wind. It can also help to cure nausea.

Ginger Tea

Just like cinnamon, ginger is also a great ingredient that has the ability to break down excess gas in the intestines. If you are susceptible to stomach bloating or intestinal cramps, you can give ginger a try. Just cut some fresh ginger root, mix it with water and leave it overnight, this would give time for the water to absorb all the nutrients from the ginger.


Cucumbers are a great source of Vitamin B and Vitamin B helps to combat stress and anxieties which are also one of the main contributors to a bad digestive system. Adding cucumbers to water might not have a huge effect but eating it in general, no matter in what form is a great way to get fibre into your body that aids in chronic constipation.

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