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By Daniel Ugbang

phone addictionWith religion we were always looking up but with technology like smartphones we are now looking down. This might just be lending credence to the phrase “As above so below”.

The world is fast changing, be careful if you think yourself or any phenomenon too relevant to not be displaced by this change. I am not talking the “APC change” here, we are gradually getting to the point where Artificial Intelligence is becoming the bone of contention, take it or leave it.

Even as this is really slow coming down to Africa, people are getting to the point where they only visit the real world probably to have their meals or go to the toilet. This is quite fascinating as I am beginning to picture in my mind’s eye what the world would be like in the next millennial.

It is true that our religion spoke to us about God, the resurrection and so on but what would seem like miracle to the coming generation might be whatever Snapchat, Instagram or IPhone can do progressively.

My biggest fear, is that which hovers around the high possibility of us neglecting our planet while lost in the virtual world. It is not shocking to see kids of this time and age boast about having castles in the virtual world and I vividly remember myself celebrating how many cars I had back when I was an addict to the popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game. But it’s not funny anymore, the pace at which the world is at in its metamorphosing phases.

What can be done is the question? Well, start preparing by saving the relics; and when I say “relics” I mean the paper works.


Just like the scroll handed down to our fathers, the so cherished “paper” would properly fall under this category (relics) when its time…that is if it hasn’t already entirely fallen into this category, because all I hear these days is ‘send me a mail’, not write me a letter.

For the new dawn is not as far as we used to assume it. It is truly a jet age as I can feel the speed from the internet sphere to the technological capabilities of our own epoch. I cannot remember the last time I sat down to watch a programme on any analogue television station like NTA, DBN, Silverbird and the host of others.

I just hope we would not be so lost in our own creations that we can’t retrace our steps and get ourselves to a point where we would have to start finding our own origin.

Already it is even difficult for many to accept that we evolved from Apes as proposed by science, not to mention when our world becomes entirely encapsulated by technology. Religion would have to eventually struggle even harder to take its place.

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