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By WhoIsTunde

Make E No Cause Fight is the collaboration EP between Ajebutter 22 and Boj. Both coming of their 2017 albums What Happens In Lagos and Magic respectively. Both artists were together on Ajebutter’s breakout single Omo Pastor. Ajebutter and Boj have somewhat similar styles so it’s no surprise both of them have come together to collab. The 5-track EP has production by Spax, E Kelly and Platinum Toxx with Teezee as the only feature

Make E No Cause Fight back


Let’s get into the track by track review


Ajebutter and Boj shine on this Spax produced beat. They complement themselves seamlessly. Butter’s rhymes and flow sound off sometimes but somehow they make this work


Do people still use Taxis in this day and age? Well Boj and Butter seem to think so. They want to serenade you on this joint. Spax production is laid back and it’s perfect landing for Boj and Ajebutter


The lead single on the EP, and Ajebutter’s best verse on the album comes on this song

Spax on the beat this jam is too bad

We dey your back, mo ko da bi school bag

Started this alte sound its too bad

Now they ride the wave o ka n dabi durag

Boj does a pretty good job on the chorus too



My favourite song of the EP, the E Kelly beat sounds like something that was laid out for Mr Eazi, but Ajebutter and Boj deliver.


Taking a detour from the album sound, Platinum Toxx delivers a trap beat for Boj and Ajebutter to flow on and flow on they did. Teezee, the only feature on the album also comes through

Final words: If you like Ajebutter and Boj then this EP is for you, not straying far from the sound they are both known for, Make E No Cause Fight is a pretty entertaining listen

I’ll rate it a 3/5

Have you listened to the album? What do you think?

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