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6lack has promised his fans that he’ll be dropping new music soon, possibly an album.

Currently one of the biggest RnB singers in the world, 6lack’s two projects, ‘Free 6lack and  East Atlanta Love Letter, along with a number of other singles, have made him the second most streamed RnB artist in the world, just behind Frank Ocean.
6lack is looking to expand his discography, as he took to his Instagramto promise that he has new music coming up.
“Seems like everybody droppin music except me, turn on your post notifications, it’s new music season.” He captioned the picture, recognizing the need to drop some new music for his fans. 
While not stating if he’s got singles, or an album coming up, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to expect an album, cause he had a 2 year gap between his debut album ‘Free 6lack’ and his sophomore album ‘East Atlanta Love Letter’, and it’s currently been 2 years since the sophomore project. 
By  Muyiwa Aguda