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5 Best Ways To Rock Floral Pants

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By Titi Gambit

People always tend to shy away from floral printed pants, because it could be hard to pair with random blouses. I mean, what’s easier than pulling literally any top over a pair of jeans and you’re out. But as the ever stylish people, that we are, we like to push the limits from time to time and what better way than the floral prints? Wondering how to rock those babies? Stick with the tips below:

  1. Start simple:

floral print

There’s nothing wrong with starting out your floral pants exploration by pairing them with your general black top. It is simple and you can never go wrong with black. Besides, it has numerous prints already, so tone it down with something dull like black or grey.

2. Pair it up:


This is the easiest – even easier than black blouse – but it could be tricky, so be careful that it is your perfect fit. Just buy the pants with its paired blouse and you’re good to go. But ensure that your shoes are as bland as possible in comparison with your colourful outfit. Black, nude or one dull colour, maybe brown, from the colours on your floral pants will do.

3. Make it corporate:


This is my cheat for most things colourful. When you pair your floral pants with a crisp blazer jacket and a plain inner, you might as well be attending a board meeting. Your corporate bag will help switch it up a few notches.

4. Go white:


Just like going black, this is pretty easy and make accessorising easy as well.

5. Go all-out and do the risqué


Yes! This is for the fashion enthusiasts. Always looking for a new fashion trend to break or create? Style your floral pants with some great patterned pair of shoes and watch yourself literally turn heads all day.

So who’s picking up this trend henceforth?!

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